Find out how self-confident you currently are in handling varying circumstances in your life

A confident person lives with passion. People admire and trust a confident person, which further boosts their confidence. A confident person knows his/her strengths and is able to understand his/her limitations and knows how to make up for those with courage and resolve. In today's competitive environment, self-confidence is one of the biggest assets a person can have. Indeed, self-confidence is a desired leadership trait. Lack of confidence can sometimes lead to fear of failure, which prevents the person from taking action. While self-confidence is influenced by factors like upbringing and environment, one can always improve it through coaching.

The questions below are designed to help you evaluate your present level of self-confidence. Please respond to all the statements. Rate each item on a scale of 1 to 5. Choose the number that best represents your feelings thoughts and behavior at this point in time, not something you would like it to be. Choose how true each statement is for you now, in the present moment.

Not TrueSomewhat TrueVery True

1. I am able to handle situations of conflicts and confrontations.
2. When I go to a party, I move around and get to know people.
3. I am not overly anxious about disappointing someone.
4. When asked to make an impromptu speech, I usually deliver it well.
5. I often take initiative and share my ideas with others easily.
6. I have good communication skills.
7. I believe there is no use worrying over anything.
8. I handle new tasks with ease.
9. I do not give up until I find a solution to a problem.
10. When I face challenges, I stay positive.
11. I achieve the goals I set.
12. I am happy with how I look and how others perceive my appearance.
13. When I fail in a situation, I reflect on the lessons learnt.
14. When I encounter something difficult in my work, I try to find the optimal solution.
15. I have a positive attitude towards life.
16. When I am thrown a challenge, I accept it and then look for resources.
17. I do not compare myself with others and measure myself by my own previous achievements.
18. I always have the feeling of abundance within.
19. I do not find it difficult to say "No".
20. I disagree with my boss when I think he is wrong.
21. Once I make a decision, I stick with it and do not second guess.
22. I do not hesitate to try out new things.
23. I am comfortable talking to strangers.
24. I believe in having the difficult conversations as soon as they arise.
25. When I give feedback, I focus on the content of the feedback and not on the other person's feeling.
26. I bounce back from failures without losing enthusiasm.
27. When a situation demands changes to be made, I am flexible.
28. I am always willing to take measured risks.
29. I feel secure about myself in my relationships with my family, friends and colleagues.
30. I am aware of my limitations as well as my strengths.


Score Interpretations

Total Score 0-50

This score indicates that you have low self-confidence. A low score is not necessarily bad. It is a beginning. Awareness is the first step and you can always work towards improving your self-confidence. You may be self-confident in some areas, but they are overshadowed by your lack of confidence in other areas. Your low confidence is holding you back from opportunities and relationships that could change your life. The longer you leave these issues unaddressed, the more they will impact your overall self-esteem as well. Look back at all the things you have achieved in your life. You may tend to focus more on what you don't have and this takes time and attention away from recognizing and using your skills and talents. You care for others, put them first and think others' ideas and opinions are better than yours, which is not true. You have your own self-worth, thoughts, opinions and values. Coaching can help you find and develop your true self. Take the first step.

Total Score 51-100

This score indicates that you have a moderate degree of self-confidence and are on the right path to growing your self-confidence. At times, you may be tough on yourself and this may stop you from getting the full benefit of your experiences. You have strengths and challenges. There are some areas where you feel self-assured but there are other areas where you lack confidence. These weak areas can begin to undermine your confidence if you don't acknowledge them and work to improve on them. You have the desire to grow, yet sometimes put others' needs ahead of your own or get stuck by thinking too much. Coaching can help you develop the skills and equip you with the tools and strategies to build your self-confidence and help you grow your inner strength to achieve your dreams, have healthy relationships, and feel happy about yourself.

Total Score 101-150

This score indicates that you have a high level of self-confidence. You learn from every experience and do not let obstacles influence the way you conduct yourself. You know what is important to you and are not afraid to speak your mind. You are optimistic about the future. You are comfortable in social settings and when meeting new people. Other people usually sense your self-assured manner and appreciate your positive personality. You are able to take risks, open to change where required and move past difficulties without much trouble. You have strong, positive relationships. Look at areas where you answered on a low scale. These are areas where you can work on your confidence to build on your success and stretch yourself further. You would do well to nurture your self-confidence by working with a professional Coach. You would make an excellent client for a Coach given your high confidence level.

Disclaimer: This assessment is not intended to provide a psychological or psychiatric diagnosis and your completion of the test does not indicate a professional counseling or coaching relationship with the creator or administrators of the test.

Assessment Developed by: Venkateswaran S

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