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You are in a Senior Management or Leadership position. You are stuck in a rut in your job doing the same work day after day after day. You have a demanding boss. There is a toxic environment at work with a lack of trust and a blame culture. You have lost enthusiasm in work, your relationships with your colleagues is deteriorating. You feel isolated as people around you, your team members, peers and bosses work ‘around’ you without keeping you in the loop. Your confidence and self esteem have suffered a huge blow. You are highly stressed and this has taken a toll on your health.

Do any of the above statements describe your situation? If yes, ask yourself

What is the cost of staying where I am right now? How bad can things become if I don’t fix it?

What is the biggest mistake I am making right now on this issue?

You can change all this

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If you could turn around all your challenges and flow freely toward your goals, how would you feel?

If you achieve what you wanted, just the way you want it, what would that do for you?

The biggest result I can help you achieve is to bring the Passion and Joy back in your work and life. I help you get rid of stress, fear, loss of enthusiasm and stagnation in your job, while at the same time creating value in your relationships, finances and personal development. Getting the desired results will help you from staying awake at night worrying, and give you back your confidence and the zest for life.

If you are really serious about making the shift and truly committed, welcome to my program 90 days to Your Mojo.

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About me

My name is Venkateswaran Subramanian (Venkat) and I am an Organizational Development Coach, Confidence Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

I have worked in the Corporate Finance and Human Resource functions for three decades in India and overseas and have gone through some really stressful times.

I help people who are stagnating in their jobs and who have lost the drive, get their mojo back.

I enjoy reading on a wide range of topics that cover Management, Leadership, Biographies, Psychology and Spirituality. I also like listening to music and paint when I can.



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