Stressed? Not Sure..

If any of these situations describes you or someone you know, spend a while longer here. I can help.
Coaching involve

What does Coaching involve?

Coaching helps you set priorities in life, understand your strengths and weaknesses, resolve problems in your personal life, overcome obstacles, identify your life values, help you create an action plan, challenge yourself to achieve greater things and stick to your resolutions.
Coaching involve

What I do

I am a catalyst who helps you initiate change. I help you understand yourself, prioritise your life, facilitate change, see the alternatives, set goals and achieve them. I listen and ask questions and help you discover the answers.
Coaching involve

How I work

Generally, I provide coaching face-to-face, but also offer online and telephone coaching if that suits you better. My endeavour is to help you get the outcomes you desire as early as possible. During this time, I will be available for you over phone and e-mail outside the coaching hours for any help you may need.
Coaching involve


If you want to explore if coaching will produce results for you, get in touch with me for an exploratory session by clicking on the "Contact" button on the right.

For Companies

Leave your Employees inspired with these programs.

Coaching involve

Unlock Your Potential – Secret Tools to Succeed at Work and Life

This program provides solutions to the challenges of performance that organizations and working professionals face today, by making changes at a personal level. The tools and techniques taught in this program are of immense benefit to people who face work pressure, stress, bad relationships at work or home, fears, negative states and addictions that become an impediment in their work and personal lives
Coaching involve


  • One-on-one Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Organization Development Coaching
Coaching involve

Seal the Deal – Secret Tools to Sell Anything

This program that helps Sales professionals build rapport easily, discover buying strategies of clients, communicate effectively both verbally and non-verbally and lead to better closures
Coaching involve


  • Goal setting
  • Visioning
Coaching involve

Management Capsules and Speaking Engagements

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About me

My name is Venkateswaran Subramanian (Venkat) and I am an Organizational Development Coach, Confidence Coach and NLP Master Practitioner.

TULOS in Finnish means 'Result' or 'Outcome' and this is what I strive to deliver in a quicker time while making the journey to learning and change enjoyable for my Clients.

I help people who have challenges of dip in confidence, work stress, low morale, negativity or low self-esteem in dealing with the issues at hand, and need awakening. I also help people with relationship issues and addictions that hamper their progress in life.

I have worked in the Corporate Finance and Human Resource functions for three decades in India and overseas.

I enjoy reading on a wide range of topics that cover Management, Leadership, Biographies, Psychology and Spirituality. I also like listening to music and paint when I can.